A good start


It is a feeling of relief that I can always start anew any time that I want but I realized time will not wait for me though.  I’m not chasing time but I know I need to pick up myself and keep on going.  It’s like finishing to read the notes and books that I have left for a few weeks because of my dilly-dallying.  How I regret I wasted my time for nothing…

For the last few days, I am grateful for…
• the time and this life that was given to me by the Almighty. 
• the people I met and saw whose lives were an example of how life should be: happy, always striving to improve themselves, struggling but dependent on God’s grace and continuously having that hunger for Jesus.
• the unwavering support of my special someone.
• the few months that I have as I prepare for my upcoming endeavor.
I need to give more than a 100%. It’s just a few more months and I know my life will change.
• starting to wake up early in the morning. I’m happy that my body clock is slowly returning to normal now.

Thank you Lord Jesus! 🙂

What about you, is there anything that you want to have a good start?

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