Fruit lover

This week I’m starting to love eating fruits.  I realized I need to take advantage living in a tropical country with a wide array of fruits available.  They are nutritious.  I like berries but imported blueberries and raspberries are very expensive.  Lemon and unriped mango are my very favorites

Kiwi is one of my favorite fruits.  Packed with Vitamins C, E and A and fiber.

Guava (Bayabas) is rich in Vitamin C.  My Nanay’s (grandmother) favorite is the smaller and chewy guava.  Mine, I like it with a little bit of salt.  In my province Bulacan, the small guavas are used in soured soups (sinigang) and vegetable stew (bulanglang).

From now on, I will be eating more fruits day by day.  Love your fruit!

Question: What’s your favorite fruit?

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