Sweet and Fit

Ever since I found out how high fructose corn syrup and the like are bad for my health, I became very picky to what I should drink.  Numerous sweeteners or sugar replacements, artificial and natural, are found in the market.  I have never bought the artificial ones but I have tried the local ones like Muscovado and Coco Sugars which are available here in the Philippines.  Just today, I discovered another local product which is Sweet and Fit- Stevia Herbal Dietary Supplement by Glorious Blend.  Stevia comes from the stevia plants.  It’s ideal for diabetics, weight watchers and the health conscious.  One box of 12 sachets is only 36.75 pesos.

What do I like about it?

  • It’s very affordable.
  • It’s a Philippine product which is FDA approved.  It says in the inlet that it’s made from extracts of Stevia plants grown in the Philippines.  The purchase of the product will support the growers and their families toward self-sufficiency and better lives.  That’s a WOW! Clap clap clap!
  • Amazingly, it is said to be 300 times sweeter than sugar but with NO CALORIES.  I tasted the powder and it’s really sweet.

So that’s it!

6 thoughts on “Sweet and Fit

  1. jay says:

    look at the sachet of this product and see maltodextrin as one of the ingredients. google search maltodextrin; and find out if it is really “natural” as the product claims it to be. boycott this product, ginagamit lang nila for marketing yung mga Filipino farmers. There is very little to non-stevia in this product, the sweet taste came from maltodextrin. bogus tong product na to maltodextrin has calories so mali na agad yung claim ng lecheng Sweet and Fit na to na 0% calorie ang product nila. Dishonest marketing; why should we keep on buying this product?

    i already stopped buying this product; i bought a stevia plant and currently that’s what i am using. I just dont trust local stevia products out there anymore; specially the ones in powder form. i am also searching online for a good liquid form stevia, i will not mention the brand. do your own research. good luck guys sana tigilan nyo na ang pag bili ng sinungaling na produktong ito.

    • steviaphilippines says:

      Sweet & Fit is an FDA-approved and regulated product. Before the FDA approves a product, they test it (apart from requiring tons of other documents like certificates of analysis, toxicity, etc). And the FDA approval also includes the product packaging info. If the product is “bogus”, might as well consider much of the food we eat as bogus as they all have to go through FDA approval.

      Maltodextrin comes from corn. Sweet & Fit’s sweet taste comes from the stevia plant and not from maltodextrin. The stevia powder will not form without a binder like maltodextrin.

      Inquiries with both the DOST and FDA could have easily addressed your concerns. Sweet and Fit underwent testing by both entities.

      In any case, if you still strongly believe that Sweet and Fit is “bogus”, it’s best to file your complaint with the FDA.

  2. Jay-ar Buje Montilla says:

    It claims to be a 0% calorie sweetener, you admit that this product contains maltodextrin. What you do not accept and inform the consumers is the FACT that maltodextrin has calories! Isn’t that dishonesty? FDA approval doesn’t change the FACT that this product is not pure Stevia extract and that it contains maltodextrin which happens to be a heavily processed ingredient. How can something so highly processed be “natural” ? BOGUS! DISHONEST!

  3. Jo says:

    Yes I agree with the consumer the maltodextrin is far from natural, and yes it is approved, yes it was tested but it does not change the fact that it is not all natural 0-calorie sweetener. Do your own research Stevia Philippines as you would suggest to Mr J, google and yahoo has more information readily available for your disposal. Filipino consumers must be fully aware that the glycemic index of malto is far more than table sugar which has 65, malto is around 135 if I’m not mistaken with my numbers….ooppps not zero calorie Stevia Philippines sweet and fit… tsk tsk tsk

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