One Happy Sunday

Yesterday was one happy sunday although I missed church that day.  We went to the mall to celebrate my cousin’s birthday.  Speaking of malls.  Well, there are numerous malls in the Philippines.  I think Philippines must be the “Mall Capital of the World” aside from the “Texting Capital of the World”.  Heehee.  Snapshots here courtesy of my cousin’s cam.

Rockwell Powerplant Mall is one of the posh malls in the country.

We ate in a simple Japanese Restaurant there.

Nothing extraordinary.

We also tried a newly opened Tea store named Happy Lemon in Rockwell Powerplant Mall.

If there’s something new, most Filipinos will always dare to try it just for the heck of it. Oops.  😆 Milk tea stores have spurted out of nowhere nowadays.  People will even wait in a long line just to have a milk tea.  So that’s what you call tea culture.

Apparently, my cousins didn’t like the taste because they just didn’t like it.  If it’s my first time like in a restaurant, I always ask, “What’s your best seller?” or I order the one I haven’t ever tasted. 😉

I ordered one of the best sellers, Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese.  “You need to drink it by the cup so it will taste good”, that’s what I heard from the Happy Lemon staff. When I drank from the cup it tasted cheesy at the top and underneath is a jasmine green tea with a slight bitter taste.

1 thumb up for my order (because I should have ordered the lemon drinks heehee) but I realized that aside from its fresh teas, Happy Lemon is different from other tea stores.  They do not use added preservatives or artificial additives in their beverages.  Must have been our tongues are used to the sweet and flavored infused teas that we order from another tea store. 😉  I’ll keep in mind that I drink for health and not for the taste.

I still like Happy Lemon though and I’ll be going to try it again.  Thank you, it reminded me to be “Happy Everyday”. 🙂

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