I eat to live.

If there’s something I’m good at…I think one of them is cooking because I enjoy doing it. I like to experiment.  Still, there’s so much I need to improve and learn about nutrition, cooking and baking that I know I’ll learn along the way.  I believe anyone can cook a delicious dish as long as you have the right and fresh ingredients.  Growing up eating Filipino foods I realized we have one of the most delicious and tasty dishes in the world but I think most of them are brimming with calories, salt and not so good fats.  I have turned my back on those type of foods. I absolutely love the local vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potato tops (talbos ng kamote) and bitter gourd (ampalaya) just to name a few.  After reading so many healthy blogs here in wordpress I became more determined to live a healthy lifestyle, mindful of what I buy, eat and drink and I’m reminded again that if I’ll cook it MUST be nutritious.  I will cook for health and not just to eat because “I don’t live to eat but I eat to live.”

I’ll be posting the recipes I have cooked and prepared when I have the time.

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