One step at a time

“Every journey starts with a single step.”

Today, I finally stepped into the treadmill after it was not functioning for some time and after I decided that I need to keep on moving.  I joined 5k and 3k runs for the last 3 years and enrolled and wasted a gym membership. But due to my inconsistency and lack of discipline even though I lost weight, still I continued to gain more bulge. Having hypothyroidism isn’t an excuse for me to say I gained more pounds and had a lack of energy solely because of it but it is me to blame.

Working in a physically demanding job is different from being physically active through exercise.  I believe we can always make changes and it’s up to me.  It’s difficult to start over again to be physically active but I’ll be taking it one step at a time I need this to reach my ideal weight and to be fit, energetic and fabulous.  Health is wealth.

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