Singapore Day 1

Day 1: 9/19/2011

Manila to Singapore Flight with Cebu Pacific

Uniquely Singapore.  It’s absolutely true that there is no word to describe Singapore.

First impressions? Progressive, World Class, Fine City (as in paying fines), disciplined people, Hi-technology, Mixed Cultures, Shopping mecca, and the list goes on.

I like the feeling of doing and experiencing things for the first time.  So when I first set foot (together with my cousins) in Changi Airport, talked with a local taxi driver and saw Singapore for the first time, I can’t help but marveled that “I’m here.”  To my amazement all I can say in my mind was “Wow!” 😉

We rode a metered taxi going to the hotel from the airport and going to Singapore Flyer.  Their highways are undoubtedly different from the Philippines.  There are surveillance cameras and trees and plants all around the city.  Signboards in English are everywhere.  The travel time was fast.  Taxi drivers are usually old but they are great and friendly giving you a background about their country, the 2011 Grand Prix and the places to see.  You can really feel how proud they are of their country and government.

Joo Chiat, the quaint neighborhood, with ornate facades and prewar architecture, where we stayed is very clean.  I think every place that we passed by is clean.  Surprisingly no air pollution.

The first leg of our trip is to see the Journey of dreams interactive gallery and to ride the Singapore Flyer.

The flyer is the world’s largest observatory wheel.  The ticket price of 29.50$ is a bit pricey but it’s worth the experience after seeing the enthralling cityscape by night.  I think there’s a big difference riding the flyer during the day or night but I prefer it at night.  It would very romantic if you have your special someone with you during the whole 30 minutes ride. 🙂

When you go there, I suggest you book online so that you can also get free food stubs worth 8$ each in the Singapore Food Trail.  It is set in a 1960’s dining concept serving local foods or hawker foods.  When you’re there you don’t know what to eat because everything looks delicious.  I wanted to have a taste of everything but I was worried of heartburn.  I wasn’t able to taste the Laksa because the stall ran out of it.  We tried the Hainanese Chicken, Roasted chicken rice, Fishball noodles {the BEST and BIGGEST fishballs ever tasted!} and Ice Kachang (Ice ball).

As I observed in the trail, it has many elderly people cleaning the tables and people have a big appetite for noodles although it was a late night.

After that, we rushed to The Shoppes @ Marina Bay to buy something at 7-11.  It was a long walk but definitely relaxing as we passed by the Helix bridge, and saw the Marina Bay Sands, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore flyer and skyscrapers from afar.  I marveled again on how great the infrastructures and architecture in the city.  In my mind I said, “How did they plan the whole city?”  because everything was well put.  The mall is huge, astonishing and grand, filled with designer labels.  There are no security guards on the entrances and exits of the mall. I bet it is surrounded by a lot of CCTV cameras. Even small restaurants and bakeries have cameras. No one would ever dare to steal there.

Even the 7-11 is posh. 🙂

I wish I was able to see the restaurants of Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck but we didn’t have much time.  Also, outside the mall is a big and sparkling LV store by the bay.

Well the first night was tiring but it was a memorable first night in Singapore.  My first impressions were right.  I also observed that Singaporeans are quiet people and they don’t look that much in your eyes when you talk.  I am very grateful to God that I was able to go to Singapore. 🙂

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