In a Christmas Rush

It’s Christmas time… 🙂

I know it’s November, but it’s Christmas time over here in the Philippines.  Immediately right after Halloween, Filipinos start to decorate their houses and the malls with Christmas ornaments, start to listen to Christmas carols, start their Christmas shopping when they get their Christmas Bonuses and 13th month pays, start to fill their Starbucks planner sticker booklet, and start to make a Christmas countdown. You can feel it’s truly Christmas when the traditional Christmas caroling and evening mass start every 16th of December.

At home, my cousin had to put up the Christmas tree by her own.  Great job! 😉  If I’ll have my own tree, I’ll decorate it with silver and fuchsia pink balls or hang in little cute Santas, candy canes, snow mans and anything cute.

Last Christmas, I received a Starbucks planner but I don’t have plans of getting one if I’d need to fill this sticker booklet just to get one.

Because Tis’ the Season, it’s time to use my Christmas mug for a warm cup of coffee and chocolate.  It’s just once in a year so use it. 🙂 I got this mug as a gift last December 2009.

Also, this week I had time to take photos at the mall where my work is located.  You fail to see what’s new because you pass through it most of the time (in my case, irregularly because I have irregular work.)  If I didn’t sit there, I would have not seen the pretty, red poinsettias in Corte delas Palmas.

The mall’s Christmas decors are simple compared to the previous years but I appreciate it thou.

Another one that I like about Christmas are the Holiday treats.  I went to Starbucks  the other day.  I like gourmet breads so I ordered  the Sundried Tomato Basil Bread which go along well with strawberry jam and butter.  Plus, they gave a small Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino. I’ll probably order a Peppermint chocolate bread and ginger bread man next time just for a try.

Besides coffee and bread, I like grocery shopping.  I haven’t seen any other specialty grocery store here in the Philippines other than Healthy Options.  I will surely enjoy Trader’s Joe and Marshalls.  I like the regular supermarkets and dry market but I love going to Healthy Options.  I get excited and my eyes feast on the organic and whole wheat products.  I try to be as wise as possible because every time I go there, I burn a hole in my pocket because the products are expensive.  Like the other day, I bought a few items there and in the grocery.  I took a snap shot together with the Christmas table runner and the Stash Pumpkin Spice Tea.  It’s a holiday tea so I bought it.

What I’m feeling  now is a Christmas rush.  I just want to enjoy this holiday season because who knows I might be abroad next year.

Gone are the cold nights and early mornings.  No white Christmas, no sight of genuine snow man, snow balls and smell of Christmas pine trees, no reason to wear thick sweaters, no baked ginger bread man and no pumpkin spice coffees, but nothing beats the warm Christmas season here in the Philippines still. 🙂

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