Your Maid of Honor

It was a dream come true when my cousin had chosen me to be her maid of honor for her wedding this December 2012.  I’m ecstatic to be one because I’ve never been a bridesmaid or a maid of honor.  In the earlier part of their wedding preparations,  I was about to turn down the position as her MOH because I was unsure if I’d be here in time for her wedding.  I’ve seen the look of dismay on her face every time I talk about it, but things turned the other way around so I’m very sure now that I’ll be on that very special day. It will definitely be a busy 3 and a half months away from their wedding day. I am starting to feel the excitement, thrill, and a little butterflies.


It’s just the other day when I came to fully think about what does it really mean to be a Maid of Honor.  Okay, I googled it. 😀  There are so many Maid of Honor duties to count and special reasons why a bride chooses someone to be her Maid of Honor.  A Maid of Honor is a part-time worker bee, part-time emotional life boat, trouble-shooter and smart advisor.  She must have a sympathetic ear, limitless patience and a sense of humor.  I think that’s me..hahaha.  Well, that googling thing made me realize the privilege to be a Maid of Honor.  I have not made a simple thank you letter to the bride for choosing me to be her MOH, so here it goes.

Dear Ayen,

I would like to say my sincere “Thank you” for choosing me to be your Maid of Honor.  It is a privilege to be chosen from all the people who you know and who are closest to you.  We have known each other from the day you were born and until now.  We may have different tastes and personalities but there’s always a special bond that will connect us as cousins, friends and sisters.  I thank you for trusting me as your MOH.


I am honored to serve, to help, to witness and to play an important part on your wedding preparations until your wedding day.

I may lack experience.  I may not be the best MOH,  but I will try to give my best to support you and do all the things that you expect of me.  I am looking forward to all the memories that we will share along the way until your big day.  God bless you!


Ate Cris

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