My First 10K: Finding My Greatness


Exactly one month from now, I will be joining the Nike We Run Manila 10K Run with my friends at work.  I’ve started joining Fun Runs annually since 2010 in 3K to 5K categories without a proper training.  To be honest, I never imagined myself joining a 10K run, because I felt and thought that I won’t make it to the finish line.   Although I run, I was never a runner.  Who am I to belittle my capability?  Yes, I am scared, but I should believe in myself.  Right? 🙂  



What are my reasons of joining this 10K run?

1.  I want to be more physically active and healthy through exercise by strictly following a 10K training plan and to lose weight.

2.  I want to challenge myself and my body and test how far can I go on my own.  

3.  I want to try something new that I never have tried before.

4.  I want to start the race in proper form and finish the line injury-free. 

5.  I want to enjoy the exhilarating experience with my friends.


“Everyone is capable of greatness.”

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