In a Christmas Rush

It’s Christmas time… 🙂

I know it’s November, but it’s Christmas time over here in the Philippines.  Immediately right after Halloween, Filipinos start to decorate their houses and the malls with Christmas ornaments, start to listen to Christmas carols, start their Christmas shopping when they get their Christmas Bonuses and 13th month pays, start to fill their Starbucks planner sticker booklet, and start to make a Christmas countdown. You can feel it’s truly Christmas when the traditional Christmas caroling and evening mass start every 16th of December.

At home, my cousin had to put up the Christmas tree by her own.  Great job! 😉  If I’ll have my own tree, I’ll decorate it with silver and fuchsia pink balls or hang in little cute Santas, candy canes, snow mans and anything cute.

Last Christmas, I received a Starbucks planner but I don’t have plans of getting one if I’d need to fill this sticker booklet just to get one.

Because Tis’ the Season, it’s time to use my Christmas mug for a warm cup of coffee and chocolate.  It’s just once in a year so use it. 🙂 I got this mug as a gift last December 2009.

Also, this week I had time to take photos at the mall where my work is located.  You fail to see what’s new because you pass through it most of the time (in my case, irregularly because I have irregular work.)  If I didn’t sit there, I would have not seen the pretty, red poinsettias in Corte delas Palmas.

The mall’s Christmas decors are simple compared to the previous years but I appreciate it thou.

Another one that I like about Christmas are the Holiday treats.  I went to Starbucks  the other day.  I like gourmet breads so I ordered  the Sundried Tomato Basil Bread which go along well with strawberry jam and butter.  Plus, they gave a small Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino. I’ll probably order a Peppermint chocolate bread and ginger bread man next time just for a try.

Besides coffee and bread, I like grocery shopping.  I haven’t seen any other specialty grocery store here in the Philippines other than Healthy Options.  I will surely enjoy Trader’s Joe and Marshalls.  I like the regular supermarkets and dry market but I love going to Healthy Options.  I get excited and my eyes feast on the organic and whole wheat products.  I try to be as wise as possible because every time I go there, I burn a hole in my pocket because the products are expensive.  Like the other day, I bought a few items there and in the grocery.  I took a snap shot together with the Christmas table runner and the Stash Pumpkin Spice Tea.  It’s a holiday tea so I bought it.

What I’m feeling  now is a Christmas rush.  I just want to enjoy this holiday season because who knows I might be abroad next year.

Gone are the cold nights and early mornings.  No white Christmas, no sight of genuine snow man, snow balls and smell of Christmas pine trees, no reason to wear thick sweaters, no baked ginger bread man and no pumpkin spice coffees, but nothing beats the warm Christmas season here in the Philippines still. 🙂

Crissy’s Yogurt

Back in the day, I didn’t like the sour taste of yogurt so I preferred the flavored yogurts in the supermarket.  I just eat it because I know it’s  beneficial for my body until my taste buds got used to it and until it made me forget about ice cream. 😉  (Still, I plan to buy an ice cream maker and make low fat, home made,  fruity ice cream in the future.)

Why do I love yogurt? First, it’s one way I can get Calcium, and good bacteria for my healthy tummy. Second, yogurt is said to aid in weight loss. And third, it’s some thing that my taste buds doesn’t stop craving for.

I don’t know how to make a home made yogurt although my Mama said it’s so easy.  Maybe I should ask her soon or Google it.  I love yogurt and cultured milk (Yakult).  In the grocery, I usually buy the plain yogurt because we don’t have greek yogurt here.  Also, I wanted to make a greek yogurt but I’m lazy to do it overnight. 😉  Of all the yogurts in the market, I liked the Yoplait brand especially the one with real strawberry in it.  Yummy!

I often put my yogurt in the freezer then dress it with what’s available at home: vanilla flavored granola, triple berry granola, flax seed, nuts and fruits.  The plain yogurt becomes an exciting yogurt.  I eat it as my dessert.  Also, it saves me money because I don’t need to buy outside because as you know you are paying for the toppings.

What about you,  how do enjoy your yogurt?

Yesterday, my birthday.

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 28.  While some of the people I know who’s my age is engaged, married, has their own family and has a stable career, I am on the other hand is opposite. I am single (but committed) and starting to reach my ultimate dreams.  Sometimes it makes me think that by now I should be independent, living on my own but things are different here in this side of the world (I mean in my country).  Sometimes I even dread that I’ll be way past the child-bearing age.  But I believe there’s always a time for everything.  Right?  By that time I’ll be living in another country, having my own place, driving my own car and just starting a new and exciting adventure.

My plans for my birthday were to stay at home and buy a cake.  But things turned the other way around.

My relatives and I went to Kaya Korean Restaurant for lunch.  I had my favorite and healthy Dolsot Bibimbap (Mixed veggies in rice with a spicy red pepper paste) and Panjeora (Squid and Leeks Pancake).

After that, we went to see the Human Body Exhibit.  Very educational.  My cousin’s bf paid for my ticket, so it’s free.:)

Then, we accompanied my grandmother for a doctor visit.

I bought Mango Bravo in Conti’s in Alabang which I was craving for a long time.  A towering cake with layers of meringue, choco mousse with cashews and mangoes, topped with mangoes again and covered with whipped cream.  Loaded with calories but because it’s my birthday I’ll give an excuse. 🙂

Then, got home tired, had dinner and finally excitedly blew my birthday candle and made a wish.

There were a great number of people who greeted me this year while some has forgotten, but it’s just okay.;)  Who I am most thankful for is God for giving me the best gift ever, another year of life to be the best that I can be, enjoy it, and live life for His glory.

So there you go, that was my simple birthday. 🙂

In making healthy choices

I went out yesterday.  After reading many websites and blogs in food and nutrition I could not hold back myself to go and buy foods, healthy foods.  It was insane dreaming of cereals the other day hahaha. 🙂  When I shop I make sure that I make healthy choices but there are times my pocket cannot sustain them.  I don’t know why  nutritious foods are way expensive.  I think everyone should be able to afford any food in the market.

It’s unbelievable we turn to fast food than the real food due to money reasons and convenience. Oh I was like that.

Moving on… I went to the supermarket and to Healthy Options and found all of these.

I’m glad that I found a box of vegetable broth cubes in Makati supermarket (cause it’s rare to find one here in a local store)because it is 3-4 times the price in a healthy food store.  Unbelievable! And the purple cabbage was put in a low price this time so I didn’t make any second thoughts about it.

I wish  I could buy an organic peanut or almond butter…but my pocket cannot handle it anymore. 😉  I wish there is a Trader’s Joe here or Healthy Options goes on a midyear sale.  I wish…

Later that afternoon, I grabbed a hot caramel machiatto and answered some practice exams.

I wish I had a cinnamon swirl bread topped with creamy butter and whipped cream that the barista offered me to buy but I glad I didn’t.  So that’s what you call self-control.

Thank God for the blessings yesterday! 🙂