Singapore Day 2

Day 2: 9/20/2011

We started the day with a breakfast from a nearby hawker food stall.  The people there mostly Chinese looking talks in a local language which I can’t identify but still I was able to order.  Because it’s pretty late for a breakfast at 9 in the morning only one rice meal was available.  Noodles were already eaten during the morning.  Coffees are served in small cups with a straw.  I think they love straws. 😀

Then, we headed to Universal Studios at Resorts World Sentosa with a taxi.  Taxi there is pronounced as “Teksi” like sexy.  It was a fast ride and we got to see the vast port area of Singapore.  The costly entrance ticket to Universal Studios is 66$.

It was a Hollywood experience inside the theme park so a lot pictures were taken.  The rain poured down hard even before we started to try the rides.  I really enjoyed the “Return of the Mummy” ride which was my first high speed roller coaster experience, Lights Camera Action and the Shrek 4D Adventure.  Most of the outdoor rides were closed due to the rain and we missed the Waterworld show.  I planned to ride the Battlestar galactica roller coaster but after seeing how fast and high it was, I became apprehensive.  I have a faint heart for roller coasters. Heehee. 🙂

We ate at Mel’s Drive in which was pricey but with a big serving.  It was my first time to eat on a diner. Cool.

Merchandise stores for souvenirs are situated in the park.  You won’t be able to control yourself not to buy. 😉 I even saw Filipinos working there.  Everywhere you go there is always a Filipino.

Next to Universal Studios, we went to Siloso Beach inside Sentosa boarded by Sentosa Monotrail.  We watched the relaxing and mesmerizing musical waterworks “Songs of the Sea” by the sea.  It was a “Wow!” because they used water, colorful lightings, pyrotechnics and computer effects with music.  I wish the Philippines will do it too.

After that, we went to Vivo city for dinner.  I had to meet my friend Vanessa who’s working in Singapore.  I had a very delicious chicken satay with a tasty peanut sauce.  The foods in the foodcourts are reasonably priced and you can verify if it’s recommended with their grading cards posted in their stall like “A” red card for Excellence in Food and Cleanliness.  My cousins also ordered Peppered fish and Kung pao chicken so I had a taste of different foods.  No tissue napkins are available in the food courts maybe because they don’t want any litter.

Outside the Food Republic was the No Signboard Restaurant which is popular for their Chili crabs.  How I wish I was able to eat there!

Later on we rode the MRT to go to Fullerton area to see the Merlion Park.  It was our first time to use the EZ link card.  Boarding the MRT I observed and learned some things.

–          MRT commuters walk fast as well as the escalators move fast.  It was horribly fast that you need to be careful on your step.

–          Vanessa’s tips:  First, Stay on the left side of the escalator.  The right side is for people in a hurry.  Second, it’s ok if you missed the next station because you can easily ride one to go back.

–          Always double check on the MRT Map guide where you are going to alight.  Note the color codings of the train lines.

Tired…but still we managed to walk through the Fullerton Hotel and Cavanagh Bridge to go to the Merlion Park together with Vanessa that served as our tour guide.  It was past 10 in the evening but the Merlion was still lighted.  We’re so lucky because it will be closed the following day due to the Grand Prix! We had our souvenir picture taking and viewed the beautiful skyscrapers and the Esplanade from afar.

We went home late but it’s safe.  My legs were sored after a day filled with activities. 🙂 It was all worth it!