In making healthy choices

I went out yesterday.  After reading many websites and blogs in food and nutrition I could not hold back myself to go and buy foods, healthy foods.  It was insane dreaming of cereals the other day hahaha. 🙂  When I shop I make sure that I make healthy choices but there are times my pocket cannot sustain them.  I don’t know why  nutritious foods are way expensive.  I think everyone should be able to afford any food in the market.

It’s unbelievable we turn to fast food than the real food due to money reasons and convenience. Oh I was like that.

Moving on… I went to the supermarket and to Healthy Options and found all of these.

I’m glad that I found a box of vegetable broth cubes in Makati supermarket (cause it’s rare to find one here in a local store)because it is 3-4 times the price in a healthy food store.  Unbelievable! And the purple cabbage was put in a low price this time so I didn’t make any second thoughts about it.

I wish  I could buy an organic peanut or almond butter…but my pocket cannot handle it anymore. 😉  I wish there is a Trader’s Joe here or Healthy Options goes on a midyear sale.  I wish…

Later that afternoon, I grabbed a hot caramel machiatto and answered some practice exams.

I wish I had a cinnamon swirl bread topped with creamy butter and whipped cream that the barista offered me to buy but I glad I didn’t.  So that’s what you call self-control.

Thank God for the blessings yesterday! 🙂