Yesterday, my birthday.

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 28.  While some of the people I know who’s my age is engaged, married, has their own family and has a stable career, I am on the other hand is opposite. I am single (but committed) and starting to reach my ultimate dreams.  Sometimes it makes me think that by now I should be independent, living on my own but things are different here in this side of the world (I mean in my country).  Sometimes I even dread that I’ll be way past the child-bearing age.  But I believe there’s always a time for everything.  Right?  By that time I’ll be living in another country, having my own place, driving my own car and just starting a new and exciting adventure.

My plans for my birthday were to stay at home and buy a cake.  But things turned the other way around.

My relatives and I went to Kaya Korean Restaurant for lunch.  I had my favorite and healthy Dolsot Bibimbap (Mixed veggies in rice with a spicy red pepper paste) and Panjeora (Squid and Leeks Pancake).

After that, we went to see the Human Body Exhibit.  Very educational.  My cousin’s bf paid for my ticket, so it’s free.:)

Then, we accompanied my grandmother for a doctor visit.

I bought Mango Bravo in Conti’s in Alabang which I was craving for a long time.  A towering cake with layers of meringue, choco mousse with cashews and mangoes, topped with mangoes again and covered with whipped cream.  Loaded with calories but because it’s my birthday I’ll give an excuse. 🙂

Then, got home tired, had dinner and finally excitedly blew my birthday candle and made a wish.

There were a great number of people who greeted me this year while some has forgotten, but it’s just okay.;)  Who I am most thankful for is God for giving me the best gift ever, another year of life to be the best that I can be, enjoy it, and live life for His glory.

So there you go, that was my simple birthday. 🙂